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Animal Fight Club (Season 3 – 6 x 60′ – National Geographic WILD)

A documentary which takes incredible shots of animal fights. Zooming straight into the fight and peeling back layers of skin to reveal damage and impact caused during these fights.

Role: 3D Generalist and Compositor

Role details : matchmove, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing

Episodes: Season 3, Episodes 1 – 6

Client: Flipbook






Wanda & The Alien (Season 1 – 52 x 11′ – Nickelodeon/Channel 5)

Animated series based off the adventures of two friends from different worlds based on the popular children’s books of the same name.

Role: Compositor

Role details : Compositing multiplane shots elements, volumetric light, particles, keying, 2D tracking, roto, clean up, grading, amongst others.

Episodes: Season 1, Episodes 15 – 53

Client: Mackinnon & Saunders


Cilla (Mini Series – 3 x 60′ – ITV)

A docudrama looking at the life of Cilla Black.

Role: Compositor

Role details : Compositing green screen elements.

Episodes: Episode 3

Client: Flipbook


World War II’s Greatest Raids (6 x 60′ – National Geographic Television)

A documentary focused around the most daring raids of the second world war. Utilising heavy chroma keys of actors in digital sets to tell the story.

Role: VFX Supervisor, VFX Artist & Compositor.

Role details 3D: Created, lit and rendered 3D environments

Role details 2D: Compositing 3D elements, 2D and 3D tracking, roto, clean up, keying, matte painting, motion graphics. Created two 2D rigs, one which could be manipulated by the artist to generate an animatable camera angle in any direction in pre-rendered 3D plates (at 15k) and a second one which streamlined a regularly used setup, the artist would simply have to track the shot, apply the data and then render. Amongst other duties.

Client: Impossible Factual






The Great Martian War  (1 x 90′ – History)

A fictional documentary focused around the first invasions of Martians on Earth soil

Role: VFX Artist & Compositor.

Role details 3D: Mainly involved in UVing, layout, camera matching, shading, digital set recreation and reprojection. Lit and rendered all shots (Also wrote some tools related to this). Amongst other duties.

Role details 2D: Compositing 3D passes and layers, tracking, roto, clean up, keying. Amongst other duties

Client: Impossible Pictures


Monsters 2: Dark Continent (Film)

A sequel film to the 2010 file Monsters. Monsters: Dark Continent is set four years after the events portrayed in Gareth Edwards’ celebrated sci-fi indie Monsters. The monster-infected zones now have spread throughout the world. When the U.S. military tries to wipe the creatures out from the face of the Earth it meets unanticipated resistance…

Role: LookDev Artist

Client: Minimo VFX


WWI: The First Modern War (4 x 60′ – History)

A documentary format series that used CGI to illustrate some of wars first events and inventions.

Role: VFX Artist & Compositor

Role details: Mainly involved in keying, matte painting, clean up, background removal/set extensions, film aging/archive treatment. I also had 3D duties such as previs but my role was mainly 2D.

Client: Impossible Pictures

Episodes: Massive Air Attacks, Clouds Of Death, Underwater Killers, Armoured Beasts






Strange Hill High  (Season 1 – 13 x 22′ – CBBC)

An animated sitcom series that blended live action puppetry with CGI to tell the story of Mitchell, the new kid at an odd and mysterious school. Teaming up with his new friends Becky and Templeton to get to the bottom of the unusual goings on at their school.

Role: Animator & Compositor. Mainly involved in tracking, tracking marker removal, keying, face animation and compositing 3D renders.

Client: Factory Transmedia

Awards & Nominations: BAFTA 2013 – Nomination for Animation, Kidscreen 2014  – Nomination for Best Animated Series, Broadcast Awards 2014 – Nomination for Best Children’s Programme


Dragon Wars: Fire & Fury  (1 x 60′ – National Geographic Television)

A documentary style program that utilised visual effects to tell the story of the source of dragon myths.

Role: 3D Generalist. Mainly involved in caching, rendering, compositing and some lighting.

Client: Firestep